Jan 30

Message from the LinkedIn Team

I received a message from the LinkedIn team today. Every marketer needs to be aware of this!

If you manage only your own LinkedIn account, you can ignore this message.

We would like to gently remind you about some precautions and best practices you should take if you are managing someone else’s LinkedIn account or accounts on behalf of that person, no matter with or without automation tools.

1: One LinkedIn account = one separate Chrome instance.

Make sure to always create and use a separate Chrome instance for every account you manage.

2: Use Chrome VPN extensions or proxies

If the machine you are using to manage your client’s LinkedIn account is located in a different country than your client, use a VPN extensions or proxies and, if possible, choose the same country in your proxy settings. This looks safer and doesn’t arouse suspicion for LinkedIn team. When one LinkedIn account is accessed from two different countries, far away, it doesn’t look normal.

Also bear in mind that using a single VPN extension with the same geographic area selected may lead to a situation when you will have the same IP address for all your accounts, if a VPN extension network doesn’t have a lot of servers for selected geographic area. So consider to have several VPN extensions or different proxies.

3 Stick to a schedule

Agree with your client on days and hours when you can work on his or her account using automation, and time slots when they can access their LinkedIn accounts themselves. This will help avoid parallel activities at the same time from 2 or more different geographical zones.

Good news is we haven’t seen any mass problems related to managing other people’s accounts yet. However, one of our users recently informed us that a client of his received an alert from LinkedIn about giving access to LinkedIn account. Please be careful with managing other accounts.

“We’ve identified suspicious activity concerning your LinkedIn account that shows you’ve been accessing multiple LinkedIn accounts and/or sharing access to your account. Both of these actions are in violation of the LinkedIn User Agreement and Professional Community Policies, which states that you agree to not:

  • Use or attempt to use another’s account.
  • Create a false identity on LinkedIn or create a member profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person).

Thank you for agreeing to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Professional Community Policies going forward. I have lifted the restriction from your account.

LinkedIn Safety Operations Support Specialist”

Linked Helper team.

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