Feb 25
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Newest Instagram Update Allows Users To Save Their Favorite Stories

The world of social media has grown so widely that it is very unusual for an application to be left unheard of. Some of the most popular apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. All of these applications are quite similar but today during this article we will be discussing the all new Instagram update which allows its users to not only post pictures and captions about their day, but allows you to save and archive your favorite stories. Before this Instagram update, stories would disappear after the 24 hour time limit. Now you can enjoy looking through memories at your own pace and in your own time.

This new feature is actually a mirror action of the other very popular social media app Snapchat. Snapchat already allows this feature and the creators of Instagram realized people would be more inclined to use their product if they could also provide this added extra. It makes product usage a little more personal.

You can of course opt out of this suggestion to save your stories by choosing to click on the “stories archive” off  button. Unlike most updates of mobile apps, saving these stories will not cause any extra storage use in your smartphone or tablet. This is purely because your Instagram stories are archived on the cloud instead of on your memory card or phone. Quite a few people have a problem with their phone’s storage, this is mainly due to the ever-growing list of mobile apps available and need to feel ‘in with the crowd’. People have no choice but to upgrade to better, newer models of their phones or buy extra memory cards to sufficiently allow their devices to work properly without crashing. As all modern day technology is created to hold various apps, pictures, video clips, audio recordings and themes, lets not forget the fact that a smartphone as well as being able to do complete all of these actions, also needs to be able to function with SMS and call service, to hold a phone book and text message memory. Taking into account the amount of storage needed to allow a phone or device to work properly, the fact that Instagram diverts the stories straight to the cloud will allow for a more memory to  be saved.

The stories highlights feature can be found directly underneath the story tray on your feed page. This update will prove to be a great asset to people to who post stories and updates every day. This new and exciting Instagram update of stories highlights now offers users the option to keep their favorite video clips pinned to their main page, giving them the option to view and enjoy over and over again. This is a new feature which is very similar to the save option on Facebook. It is a nice addition and a fresh move for Instagram’s avid fans.

story archives instagram update stories highlights

Another point to take into consideration is that apart from the fact people can openly share their day/night time antics and lifestyles,  well  now social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat as well as Facebook and Twitter offer the perfect platform for marketing and sales pitches. If a small business or product seller wishes to increase customer activity and sales, they will find that by advertising through these sites triggers popularity and a rise in financial funding. Due to the sheer amount of users and viewers, these social media platforms are the perfect way to attract the right attention, therefore increasing their profit. Enticing adverts, catchy descriptions and music all add to what makes this a great way to financially boost ones earnings. Instagram has one major advantage above Snapchat and this proves to work as a large advantage. The fact that the Instagram society reaches a staggering number of over three million logins and customer updates daily is in fact twice that of its closely related opponent Snapchat.

Advantages of Instagram stories and archiving allows the account user to also be alerted to how many people have viewed their story, which accounts and audience have seen it and also allows stories to be kept in hidden mode from specific users and people. The internet famous Instagram, as well as the other similar social media apps earlier mentioned in this article are still all free to use, free to download  and each one is available within the Google and Apple stores.

Instagram users quite often post videos of make-up tutorials, cookery and fun pastime ideas. If a viewer is able to get an insight into a product before purchasing the item in question, they are about ninety percent more likely to purchase it.  The app allows users to experience maximum social media surfing, with great features such as options to change the filter or color of a picture, add wording, lyrics or hashtags, create unique stickers to relate to a person’s activities and many other great additions. There is even a button which allows hands free video clip recording and a zoom in button for you to easily investigate any specific moment of your video recording. You can easily add temperature, date and time tags to your pictures and videos, making it that little bit more personal to your followers. For anyone who isn’t aware what a follower is, it is a person or friend who enjoys looking at our daily activities and follows our posts and stories.

Now you have learned the basics about this ever evolving mobile application, it may inspire you to download the Instagram app and start to use this innovative way of keeping on top of the latest trends. It is a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family, other users and popular organizations from a more insightful point of view. If you learn how to use this social media site properly, you will be able to open a whole new world within the insights of social media interaction.

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